Clara™ Classroom Table

izzy+ Product Group

Teaching and learning aren’t what they used to be—thank goodness! Gone are the straight rows of desks and the lecturing teacher. In today’s K-12 environments, students and teachers are making room for new technologies and more active, social approaches to learning, all of which call for spaces ready to facilitate change. Clara’s inherent adaptability to learning spaces, meeting the needs of kids of all sizes and teachers with new strategies.



Tod Babick

Tod Babick was born in 1961 in Barre, Vermont. He studied music performance and computer programming and made bespoke furniture for the trade before graduating in industrial design from Rhode Island School of Design. He worked with studios and start-ups in Rhode Island and Michigan before eventually opening his own practice. Studio Babick's constant journey to create beautiful objects is guided by a belief that what we humans find to be "beautiful" is determined more by our innate preference for the natural environment in which we evolved than by our cultural heritage or experiences.