Tables. At them, we work. Play. Collaborate. Share. They’re the centerpiece of our rooms where great ideas happen and big decisions are made. Great tables are beautiful yet tough, quality-yet cost-effective-and manufactured in a process that is as purposeful as the tables themselves.

At SurfaceWorks, we haven’t become market leaders by accident. When it comes to manufacturing, contract-grade tables, we get it. We know having the broadest product offering is just as important as offering the largest opportunities to customize. We know the end product is equal-parts dependent on design and delivery. And we know service with a smile is an age-old model that never gets old.
Those are the values we live by that have driven our Milwaukee-based operation onto a global stage - from OFDA's “Table Manufacturer of the Year” to Contract Magazine's “Best of NeoCon,” we are continually recognized. So whether you’re looking to bring a high-end, highly-precise design to life or customize a tried-and-true table down to every caster, laminate, and edge, our products just, work. Better than anyone else’s.



Making it yours

With literally millions of table shapes, sizes, laminates, edges, bases and finishes, options feel endless. And that doesn’t scratch the surface of opportunities for custom work. Known globally for our award-winning standards and one-of-a-kind specials, our focus is always on your vision no matter how complex. Design inspirations, specifications, and concepts alike, you can truly make our tables yours - down to the last detail.



Advanced information systems, state-of-the-art equipment, hundreds of thousands of square feet and hundreds of dedicated associates help us ensure that we deliver tables quickly, reliably, and accurately. Our ability to provide customized solutions to meet any budget makes our unique capabilities unmatched in the market. And, we are constantly investing in new technologies and partner relationships to ensure we stay at the industry forefront. Over the years, we’ve fined-tuned our engine to run smoothly and seamlessly at every step of the process. So much so that other manufacturers visit to benchmark us. Often.



Based in Wisconsin, our Packer-backing, cheese-curd chewing, craft beer-tasting team is in tune with how to treat a customer. That means it comes with respect, knowledge, within a moment’s notice, and never without a smile. This culture extends inward, too. We are a family who values integrity, practices open communication, and treats everyone as if there’s no kids’ table.


We take our commitment to the environment seriously and we want to help you to do the same.  That’s why we have developed our products to be the highest quality with the least impact possible – from ABS edges that can be recycled with ease to our Urethane edges derived from vegetable oil. And our standard substrates are made from 100% pre-consumer wood fiber.

We are a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. We are an ECC Licensed Facility and our products are Certified Indoor Air Quality by SCS. Additionally our product can come with the FSC® chain-of-custody paperwork.