Finishes Make It Yours

This is your rodeo. If you want lipstick red—we’ve got lipstick red. If you want urethane edges with an 80º-curve—no problem. If every other manufacturer turned down your one-of-a-kind special, because, “Listen, lady, it’s just not possible,”—we can fix that. We may make the table. But by the time you’ve picked, prodded, specified, and specialized, it’s all yours.

SW L300 Black
SW L004 Folkstone
SW L623 Dover White
SW L140 Smoky Brown Pear
SW L686 C itadel
SW L008 Graphite
SW L333 Pearl
SW L687 Dorian Gray
SW L610 Markerboard (group 4)
SW L188 Chateau Veer
SW L160 Pewter Mesh
SW L161 Grey Mesh
SW L189 Cloud Veer
SW L206 Candlelight Maple
SW L213 Norway Maple
SW L154 Montana Walnut
SW L162 White Drops
SW L152 Wild Cherry
SW L148 White Ash
SW L149 Weathered Ash
SW L150 Natural Ash