Finishes Make It Yours

This is your rodeo. If you want lipstick red—we’ve got lipstick red. If you want urethane edges with an 80º-curve—no problem. If every other manufacturer turned down your one-of-a-kind special, because, “Listen, lady, it’s just not possible,”—we can fix that. We may make the table. But by the time you’ve picked, prodded, specified, and specialized, it’s all yours.

izzy+ LB4 Folkstone
izzy+ LDC Graphite
izzy+ LCC Smoky Brown Pear
izzy+ LZ7 White Ash
izzy+ LZ8 Weathered Ash
izzy+ LZ9 Natural Ash
izzy+ LXW Wild Cherry
izzy+ LVK Montana Walnut
izzy+ LRC Pewter Mesh
izzy+ LRP Grey Mesh
izzy+ LWH White Drops
izzy+ LNT Neutral Twill
izzy+ LSR Sarum Twill
izzy+ LSV Monticello Maple
izzy+ LTS Fusion Maple
izzy+ LAS Black
izzy+ LDM Pearl
izzy+ LDW Markerboard
izzy+ LBT Dover White
izzy+ LDA Citadel
izzy+ LDQ Platinum