Infinite options

What would you do with literally millions of combinations of shapes, sizes, laminates, edges,
bases and finishes to choose from? 

Or, forget what exists—what would you design if manufacturing was not a barrier?
Design inspirations, specifications, and concepts alike, you can truly make our tables yours — down to the very last detail.


Our finishes

From solid colors to digital originals, woodgrains to patterns, our high-pressure decorative laminate and linoleum selections really do seem endless. With dozens of go-to finishes and thousands more at our fingertips, if you find it, we can use it — which makes choosing the hardest part of the project.


Our Edges

A well-crafted edge is the finishing detail that defines your table. Our urethane edges are renewable, puncture-resistant, and permanently bonds to laminate creating a seamless profile. From shape to surface to strength, rest assured that we’ve thought of — and have options for — it all.



Other manufacturers might not have the desire or the ability to accommodate your unique tastes. At SurfaceWorks, our standard options measure in the tens of thousands. And, when requested, “specials” are a part of our everyday vocabulary. We stretch, pull, shrink, and alter hundreds of tables every week.