Nemo™ Trellis

Sense of place in an open space… Encouraging collaboration and connection starts with creating a sense of place in an open space. With its architectural presence, the Nemo Trellis offers a hint of enclosure without shutting anyone out. Nemo does not come with an agenda, just human-centered design that responds to the whims and needs of real people.



2-Sided Freestanding
3-Sided Freestanding
Laminate Lower Panel
Markerboard Lower Panel
Fabric Lower Panel
Lattice Upper Panel
3Form Upper Panel



Built primarily of steel and cast aluminum for maximum durability and recyclability to reduce the impact on the environment at the end of the product's life.



Joey Ruiter

Joey Ruiter is redefining expectations in the world of industrial design. At 33, already a major influence on today’s new direction in human-centric workplace and educational products, he has earned best-in-class recognition for his work in several regions of the world. His signature is design that meets everyday needs in surprising ways — pushing the limits of manufacturing and confronting established expectations.