Medley™ Training Table


A high-performance training table, Medley is designed to effortlessly flip, move, and store. With the standard flip-top feature, the tabletop easily flips and nests with other Medley tables. An optional mesh fabric modesty panel provides extra privacy for the user.


High-Density, In-line Nesting

The bent legs design allows for straight-on, in-line nesting. Along with the 5" nesting density you will be taking up much less space for storage.


Position Lock

Not only does the Medley Table flipping mechanism lock when in use, it also locks when in the flipped position preventing unintended lowering of the table.


Optional Modesty Panel

The Medley Fabric Mesh Modesty Panel was designed so it swings freely between the legs to accomodate nesting without the need to remove it first.



Osamu Kimiya

After graduating from Mie University in 1996 with a degree in mechanical engineering, Osamu has been engaged in the design and development of table products and panel systems. He currently coordinates technical innovation of new product development among several departments and companies. The products which are created based on his key words “space saving”, “usability” and “high quality at reasonable price” are always gain a lot of customer’s (Branding company) confidence.