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The Nemo Bar and Trellis, first introduced under izzy+ in 2012, is back and now flowing through the smoothest running machine in contract furniture, SurfaceWorks. Designed by Joey Ruiter and Chuck Saylor, the Nemo Bar and Trellis help create inspiring spaces for knowledge workers and learners.

Nemo is highly flexible and is suitable for any place with people who need to regroup, meet, or recharge—from work and learning spaces to airports, hotel lobbies, and healthcare facilities. Reflecting a modernist design aesthetic, the Bar and Trellis provide clean and simple geometric forms. Both are built primarily of steel for maximum durability and recyclability.

The Nemo Bar offers a hub for reflection, connection and collaboration, along with options for power and technology. It is available in counter and bar-height with multiple rectangular top sizes to help inspire connection. Additional power options are available on the table base sides, ends or both. Base infill material options include laminate and vertical surface fabric to make a colorful and customized design statement that can change over time.

The Nemo Trellis, a space-defining architectural solution, creates a sense of place in an open space encouraging collaboration and connection—providing a hint of enclosure and privacy for one individual or several people at a time. The Trellis supports both free-standing and wall-mounted installations and comes in multiple configurations to offer flexibility to transform spaces into inspiring places.  

The collection was acquired in August 2018 along with five other izzy+ products including Penny, Clara, Dewey, Audrey and Eli. Nemo is set to launch on July 17, 2019.

About SurfaceWorks
SurfaceWorks manufactures innovative table solutions for the education, hospitality, healthcare, government and corporate markets. The family-owned company is headquartered in Oak Creek, Wis. and has independent sales representatives in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, the Middle East and the Caribbean. SurfaceWorks cutting-edge solutions include unique base designs, impact resistant urethane edges and infinite material and color combinations. For more information, visit