Stretch-Out™ Training Table

Height Adj

This height-adjustable workstation is remarkably durable given its minimalist frame. Its H-frame design eliminates the need for a shin-bumping cross brace and can still lift up to a stunning 360 pounds. Quiet as a mouse, this table operates at 39 decibels — the same noise level as a library. And, rubber mounting pads further reduce noise and vibration. On the push-and-hold controller, pre-set up to four heights for perfect sit-to-stand adjustments every time. With table movements at two inches per second, the pressure sensor detects obstructions and reverses the direction in a pinch. Power consumption is reduced when you’re away from your desk with an automatic sleep mode setting.


Four Position Programmable Hand switch

It doesn't matter if you are going to sit or stand, this hand switch will remember the height that you want your table.