Rapport® Accent-T Performance Table

Think of these as mini-Rapport conference tables — same elegant style sans the boardroom. They’re a smaller, sleeker version and still include the integrated wire management feature. Make cords, cables, and wires disappear behind easily removable leg panels. Customize every surface, down to the hue of the leg panels.


Customized Color Insert Panel

Bring an element of your design to the leg with fully customizable color panels.


Removable Wire Access Panel

Held on by sturdy magnets, the removable inner leg panel hides wires with ease. Wires conveniently exit the leg through a small mouse-hole at the bottom.



Jim Contois

As graduate of Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Jim Contois began his career designing architectural building products at Armstrong World Industries. Soon after, his focus turned to contract furniture where he was a designer for KI before moving on to manage Industrial Design at Allsteel. Since 2008 he has managed his own studio and has developed products for a range of markets including office, education, health care, retail, scientific and residential. His clients include SurfaceWorks, Arcadia, Indiana Furniture, HON, Ghent, Trendway, Valley Design, Allsteel, ArtcoBell, and CCN. Jim believes that his role is to balance the interests of the manufacturer, the designer and the end user in ways that create desirable products in the marketplace. In his work he emphasizes simplicity, materials, and proportion while elevating the end users’ experience. In addition to product development, Jim has worked with clients on product planning, market development, marketing materials and showroom design.