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SurfaceWorks has been awarded New York State contract. The contract was competitively solicited and awarded by the New York State Office of General Services – Procurement Services (OGS)—an agency authorized by law to establish Centralized Contracts for use by NYS Agencies and Authorized Users.

The intent of this award is to establish a comprehensive multiple manufacturer’s product line contract for new, unused and in current production commercial and institutional quality furniture in the following categories—1 Conference, 2 Dormitory, 3 General Purpose Tables, 4 High Density Filing, 5 Household Furniture, 6 Library Furniture, 7 Office Furniture, 8 School Furniture, 9 Specialty Seating, 10 Systems Furniture.

This contract, number PC68290 Group 20915 for Furniture (1 Conference, 2 Dormitory, 3 General Purpose, 5 Household, 6 Library, 7 Office, 8 School, 10 Systems), became effective on March 1, 2019 and extends to February 29, 2024. The contract is available for use by all New York State Agencies and other Authorized Users (Statewide).