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There are companies that cover the entire spectrum of office furniture. Then there are those that specialize in one segment. SurfaceWorks fits into the latter group. The Wisconsin-based company focuses on tables and does in exceedingly well.

The company's newest offering, Dax, is one of those products that exemplifies Surfaceworks — it is well-designed, well-built and does exactly what it promises. In the case of Dax, that means it is an exceptionally good training table.

Training tables are a large portion of SurfaceWorks business, said Chris Gnadt, general manager, and the company felt it was time for a fresh design. Dax is a result of its thinking. It is a straight-on, nexsting flip-top table.

That means it doesn't accordion to each table. Dax fits inside the legs of the next table, making them nest very densely. They only add four inches of depth for each additional table added to the stack when they are nested.

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