Case Studies

Rapport Island/Custom Media Table

For a prominent Milwaukee insurance company's newly constructed headquarters, special furniture was needed. In the 31-story glass building, nearly all of the floors featured two common areas called "The Hub" and "Northeast Team Up."

The hubs are active zones fully stocked for meals, drinks, impromptu conversations, and quick phone charges — think modern environments for water cooler talk.

Marie Hoven, Furniture dealer at BSI, and her team went to work looking for tables. They found one they liked, but then they encountered a big problem: it was too big to fit in the elevator. "We started exploring new options, which led us to SurfaceWorks," Marie explained.

In the end, the insurance company—with the help of Marie—chose the SurfaceWorks Rapport Island. Its final aesthetic looks seamless, but its multipiece assembly means elevator deliveries weren't a problem. And integrated power access is a much-appreciated bonus.

The Northeast Team Up spaces are collaborative, flexible areas where employees can go for small group meetups. Positioned on the building's perimeter, the rooms have impeccable views. With floor-to-ceiling glass exterior walls, nothing can be adhered or mounted on the walls.

After Marie realized custom was in order, she knew who to call. "They wanted very specific shapes and sizes. They sent the drawings over, and there wasn't anything we could pick off the shelf. I knew SurfaceWorks could do it," said Marie.

Ultimately, it made sense to keep the media display on an independent stand and design the custom table to nest with it. When employees wanted to mix things up in the Team Up spaces, they could easily do so—without putting in an order with building management.

SurfaceWorks and Marie are longtime partners over her 20+ years with BSI. "They provide good service, the products are reliable, and they will take care of us if problems arise. We've been happy with them and they've been a good partner in helping  us with projects," said Marie.

Well, Marie, thank you for the opportunity. You've been a great partner.