SurfaceWorks Original Lines Pricelist November 2019

O R I G I NA L L I NE S P R I C E L I S T P 414.570.2677 F 414.570.2676 NOVEMBER 2019 1 G ENE RA L I N F O RMAT I ON Pricelist Updates November 2019 Original Lines* List Pricing, version 1.0 (in effect November 1, 2019) P R I C I N G General adjustments to all pricing P R O D U C T A D D I T I O N S Ellora ® Anodized Aluminum Power/Data Unit Node ® Power/Data Unit Eclipse ® Power/Data Unit Freedom ® T-Leg Electric Height Adjustable Training Tables (reinstated) Freedom ® T-Leg Crank Height Adjustable Training Tables (reinstated) Rapport ® Training Tables - expanded leg colors Rapport ® Basic Meeting Tables - expanded base colors P R O D U C T D E L E T I O N S Stretch-Out™ Height Adjustable Workstation T7 Vinyl Edge Rolo Wire manager Marina ® HDMI Video Switch Kit Economy Flat Panel Monitor Arm MHO2 Power/Data Unit C O N T E N T R E V I S I O N S Power/data placement guides added for Conference, Training, Media Tables, & Workstations Grommet placement guide added for Workstations P R O D U C T C O N F I G U R A T I O N R E V I S I O N S General adjustments to product configurations, i.e. size/shape/edge offerings P R I C E L I S T U P DAT E S General Information Please visit the website at the following links: O R D E R I N G I N F O R M A T I O N P R O D U C T W A R R A N T Y S H I P P I N G & D E L I V E R Y G U I D E L I N E S