SW Education Solutions Brochure

L E V E L U P T H E L E A R N I N G T H AT H A P P E N S I N Y O U R S PA C E S W I T H S U R FA C EWO R K S . Adapting Spaces to New Ways to Teach and Learn Education has fewer defined parameters than ever before. There’s no longer one approved textbook for a course, and that course is no longer delivered to students sitting in neat rows. Instead, new technologies continue to be developed and integrated into classrooms. Not only do instructors have more options and flexibility, today’s students experience learning as active, collaborative, and personal. Having spaces that can adapt and support new ways of teaching and learning is critical for students of every age. At SurfaceWorks, we’ve identified some of the key developments shaping the future of education, and we’re connecting the dots between those changes and the spaces that will support them. QUICK MATH ENGAGED STUDENTS INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY FLEXIBLE FURNITURE : + + = DYNAMIC LEARNING 3 2